Elsa Andersons Konditori in Norberg

https://open.spotify.com/episode/00K0BVCR5ogZW5YMEP7iP0?si=f03UAt4jRo-JDLNCt_rmzg&dl_branch=1 Elsa Andersons Konditori in Norberg is a slightly different café. Visiting this café is like traveling back in time. With an interior that contains older furniture and other curiosities from times gone by, you get a nice visit to what it could have been like at a local café and patisserie in the past.…… Continue reading Elsa Andersons Konditori in Norberg

Oceanhamnen Helsingborg – a new district facing the sea

Oceanhamnen Helsingborg, Sweden – a new district facing the sea Took a detour to the new Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg today to check out what it looks like there. Quite right of the city to get rid of the old industrial buildings and build house, shops and offices along the coastline. Take advantage of the proximity…… Continue reading Oceanhamnen Helsingborg – a new district facing the sea