Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro

I have been thinking about getting a robot vacuum cleaner for a long time and now it’s finally time. One with the long name Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro was purchased from Elgiganten. I was first in on an iRobot vacuum cleaner when I imagined that it is the robot vacuum cleaners’ premium brand. But after reading some tests, I came up with other ideas.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro

I wanted a vacuum cleaner that can create a “map” of my apartment and where I can set up virtual boundaries where the robot vacuum cleaner should not clean. There are some twists on the floor that are problematic. And as far as I could understand, iRobot’s cheaper models do not have this feature, only the more expensive models. It does, however, exist in Xiaomi’s model. It can also wet mop the floor. Not that mop was vital to me but as I said, it is included. And all this at a good price. Saw on PriceSpy that Roborock were the most popular robot vacuum cleaners and Roborock seems to be sponsored in some way by Xiaomi and part of their ecosystem.

Getting Started

Getting started with the robot vacuum cleaner was fairly easy. Just put in the dust collector and the small brush that helps to access the corners. Connect the charger in a suitable place. By suitable place is meant a place that is fairly hidden but which is still accessible so that the robot vacuum cleaner can get in and out. Then it was just a matter of downloading the Mi Home app and connecting the vacuum cleaner to the wireless network. I had no problem at all with this. The app itself handles lots of stuff from Xiaomi so it looks a bit unnecessarily messy if you only have a robot vacuum cleaner. When you get this far, the vacuum cleaner knows nothing about what your home looks like. The first thing it needs to do is run at least one round of the home to map out the rooms.

Map of the apartment

Map of apartment

Eager to get started, I let the robot vacuum cleaner take its premiere tour without having fully charged the battery. The map below is a bit misleading when I started by putting the charger in a place in the bedroom but immediately realized that it was not the best place but moved it to the kitchen. Partly because it is more central and partly because I think I will usually clean in the kitchen. Crumbs you know. It was possible to delete the first map and let the vacuum cleaner map up a new map. By chance I happened to start the cleaning by choosing a location where it only runs along the edges of the apartment, but to map up the rooms it turned out to be absolutely perfect. It went much faster than if it had cleaned itself through all the rooms.

Robot vacuum cleaners do not overcome all obstacles

Among the first problems I encountered was that the robot vacuum cleaner could not handle two of my thresholds. After some thought, I realized that I could put my hall mat over the thresholds and it took over. The next problem was where I had some wires on the floor and a cabinet where it only partially came under. It got stuck in both of these places and that’s why I marked them in red on the map as forbidden areas. Otherwise, it got around surprisingly well. It also picked up on my fairly thick carpet. It kindly drove on and raked the apartment.

When the map was ready, I tried to do a real vacuuming of the kitchen and hall and it systematically drove over the rooms before returning to the charger after finishing work. Of course, it does not fit perfectly in tight spaces and in corners and at the far end of the wall. But I have to say that I am happy with the job it did. A robot vacuum cleaner probably comes in handy as a complement to regular cleaning. But getting rid of crumbs and dust by running it several times a week will certainly feel nice.

You have to empty the dust collector often

The dust collector is not that big and it filled up pretty quickly with dust. Expect to have to empty it after basically every major vacuum cleaner round. Also tested mopping the floor in the kitchen. Then you should use another dust collector that has a small tank for water on the side plus you can put on the accessory with a microfiber cloth that is moistened by the vacuum cleaner. It felt a bit shaky to bring water for an electric gadget but it worked if you are a little careful. Thus, the vacuum cleaner has three ways to clean, only vacuuming, only mopping and a mode with both mopping and vacuuming. It took a little longer to mop than to vacuum. As can be seen in the video below, it works quite carefully when it mops.

It will be exciting to see how well it behaves when I have started cleaning with the robot vacuum cleaner more often. I’ll schedule cleaning shifts when I’m not home so maybe it’s well cleaned when I get home. When scheduling, you can choose cleaning either in the entire apartment or individual rooms. Just mark in the schedule in which room or rooms it should clean.

So far I am satisfied and I hope that the vacuum cleaner will do its job well and for a long time to come.

By Håkan Dahlström

Hi! I am Håkan. I am the author of this website. I work with IT and photography is my hobby. I also like to travel and cooking. Living in Malmö, Sweden.

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