YouTube Music or Apple Music?

YouTube Music or Apple Music?

There are plenty of online music services. I originally had Spotify but have used YouTube Music in recent years and am very happy with that service. When I changed, I was a little worried that the range of songs would differ so some artists would be missing, but that has not been the case. Pretty much everything I was looking for has been on YouTube Music. A wild guess is that if you are an average listener of the most common music, there is everything you are looking for on all the major services.

Satisfied with most things

I was very happy with Spotify as well but the reason I changed was that YouTube Music is included in YouTube Premium. It was called Google Play Music at the time but changed its name about a year ago. YouTube Premium is absolutely superb. As they write “YouTube and YouTube Music without ads, offline and in the background”. Avoiding the ads on YouTube is the best thing that has happened. I watch a lot on YouTube and will not be able to release ad-free there if I can choose.

Very disturbing

The reason I’m now trying three months of free Apple Music is because I’ve found one thing that really irritates me. I’m an all-Apple type and drive with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, CarPlay and Apple TV. And the more Apple you use, the smoother it becomes. But it seems that different apps act differently. Do not know if it is a kind of bug in the YouTube Music app in the car or what. Think all music apps should do the same. The only thing I know is that it does not work the way I want it to.

Continue playback please

What bothers me is if I in the car start music from a playlist in the YouTube Music app and then stop the car and go into a store etc. and then when I’m back in the car, even if it’s just a short break, it’s playback completely interrupted and reset. I want the playback to continue where I left off. Now I have to push the playlist again and start playing again and of course then get to hear the same songs again which is not so fun.

Also listening to podcasts in the car and then I have used Apple’s Podcast app and it has always been capable of continuing playback where I left off last. Even if I returned to the car a few days later, the shipment has started automatically. The app remembers what I listened to last time in the car.

Hope it continues to work like this

This is exactly how I want it to be with the music as well. And then it struck me that maybe the Apple Music app works the same way. Has now only had time to test during the day and had a playlist running and it has resumed playback both after a short break out of the car and a longer one of several hours. Will test it a bit more during the trial period but this seems promising. It may end up that I add Apple Music to all the services I subscribe to, even if it gets a little extra. It may be worth it to avoid a major annoyance.

Dolby Atmos

After testing and reading a bit more about Apple Music, I have discovered that they offer Dolby Atmos (on the songs that are recorded with Atmos). Found a test song with Marvin Gaye that Apple Music put up to be able to hear the difference between mono, stereo and Dolby Atmos and wow what a difference it was. Listened to my Airpods Pro and when the song is played in Dolby Atmos sounds like you were sitting in the middle of a concert. This is a big difference from regular stereo. It’s not entirely impossible that Dolby Atmos will come to YouTube Music in due course, but so far they do not offer that possibility.


Apple Music also offers songs in lossless format, but at my age I’m not sure I hear any major difference. Lossless is not crucial in the same way for me as Dolby Atmos which is really something extra that I can hear and perceive. It will be interesting to listen more to Apple Music and see if it can be my upcoming music service. I have three months to decide before it starts to cost money. What music service do you like best?

By Håkan Dahlström

Hi! I am Håkan. I am the author of this website. I work with IT and photography is my hobby. I also like to travel and cooking. Living in Malmö, Sweden.

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