Varvsstaden is a new district in Malmö

Varvsstaden is a new district in Malmö. Or really if you want to be picky a new but old town district in the western parts of the city. This is because it will be built new buildings and houses but also preserved some old industrial buildings. The old ones are buildings that will be preserved and renovated from the time Kockum’s Shipbuilding yard was on the site.

Old Kockum’s shipbuilding yard

As the name suggests, Varvsstaden is part of Kockums Shipbuilding yard ‘s old area. More precisely the southeastern part of Västra Hamnen. Here, a lot of old office and workshop buildings will be preserved and refurbished. If you read on the project’s website, it sounds very exciting and it will be fun to see what it will be like when it is finished. According to signs I saw on the site, the area will be ready in 2025.

The old industrial premises are like skeletons in the area now waiting for them to be refurbished into exciting premises in the future. When you think about how much work has been put into the premises through all the years, it is powerful to imagine that they will be allowed to live on as part of modern, future Malmö.

New bridges

Three new bridges are planned to connect the district with the central parts of Malmö and that is smart. All three bridges will be for pedestrians and cyclists, one of which will also have space for public transport. It appears to be a bridge that connects to the street that today runs east of Nordmill’s silo. An extension of Styrmansgatan where what is today a harbor basin.

The attachments of the eastern bronze are already clear on both sides of the basin. Hope they can speed up the assembly of that bridge. It would have been a good shortcut to Västra Hamnen.

I will follow this construction. Many of the old buildings have been more or less unused long enough now and need new life. For those of us who have never had access to old Kockums, it feels good to see them. Even if they do not turn out the way they used to.

By Håkan Dahlström

Hi! I am Håkan. I am the author of this website. I work with IT and photography is my hobby. I also like to travel and cooking. Living in Malmö, Sweden.

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