Oceanhamnen Helsingborg – a new district facing the sea

Oceanhamnen Helsingborg, Sweden – a new district facing the sea

Took a detour to the new Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg today to check out what it looks like there. Quite right of the city to get rid of the old industrial buildings and build house, shops and offices along the coastline. Take advantage of the proximity to the sea for the people. That’s the right way to do.

It was not exactly yesterday I was in Helsingborg last time and have read articles in the past about Oceanhamnen and thought they had come even further. Some houses were already finished, but most of them were still under construction.

Hard to find the way

Not quite easy to find Oceanhamnen by car. Of course I drove wrong way and had to turn around at the old Tretorn factory. You have to drive towards the ferries and you will come right. The entrance to the area is approximately opposite the Port of Helsingborg’s office. Two hours of free parking was offered just outside the built-up area.

As can be seen in the picture, they have put in place a nice pedestrian and bicycle bridge that leads towards Knutpunkten and the city center. Unfortunately it was not open yet so I could not test the route across the harbor basin. But in the future, it makes life perfect if you live out in the harbor. The alternative to the bridge had been a terribly long detour.

The houses that were built already honestly did not look so remarkable. They are reminiscent of what was built in Hyllie in Malmö. As usual, they are incredibly close. Only narrow streets between the different blocks of flats. An apartment on the lower floors of the inner houses will not have any special views to speak of. More than in to the neighbors opposite of course.

As expected, high prices

Checked out Hemnet to see what was for sale at the moment and quite rightly the apartments are expensive. Even if you do not have a direct sea view. You pay a lot for a location even if you still do not get the location’s big points, the view of the sea. Of course, it will always be a luxury area so the apartments will most likely continue to have a high value if you sell in the future. Buying a brand new apartment and being the first to live in it is special.

I think the area can be good when it has matured. I have a philosophy that it takes at least ten years before a new area matures properly. Shops and restaurants will come and go before it is noticed what works and what does not work.

Also in Malmö, there will be new buildings in old port districts that were previously only industries etc. The new area will be called Nyhamnen and is roughly where the ferry to Germany used to be. Some existing buildings will be integrated into the new and I think it is smartly thought out because it connects history in a good way.

Skåne is exciting. Fun to see new, bigger projects take shape.

By Håkan Dahlström

Hi! I am Håkan. I am the author of this website. I work with IT and photography is my hobby. I also like to travel and cooking. Living in Malmö, Sweden.

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