Blog to Podcast – How to Blog to a Podcast

Blog to Podcast – How to Blog to a Podcast

I have had a blog for a long time. It started before there was Facebook and Twitter and blogging was the coolest way to reach out with your texts or pictures. I want to remember that I started with Blogger before I found WordPress which I have stuck to ever since.

WordPress is available in two variants. which is a complete service with ready-made blogs and hosting service in the same package. which is an installation of WordPress you can do yourself on your own server or rent a place on a web host and run it from there.

Complete WordPress is simple and stable and does not require any special knowledge to get started with blogging. The downside is that you are much more limited to what you can do with your site here. You get to take what’s available. There are a few different levels to choose from where the most simple is free and all the way up to a version that is basically like your own WordPress installation. The latter, of course, costs a lot of money.

Own WordPress

If you run your own WordPress installation, you can do almost whatever you want. There are lots of themes and plugins that expand the functionality of your website. With that comes of course another level of complexity and if you have advanced needs, you need some knowledge. Also, you need to find somewhere to install your WordPress. Here, there is everything from having a server yourself at home to web hosting or even more advanced concepts with load balancing and more.

Amazon Lightsail

My websites are operated on a simpler server at Amazon Web Services called Lightsail. The advantage of Lightsail is that it costs a fixed amount per month and then includes everything you need to run your server. That is, server to install on, hard drive to store on, bandwidth for network traffic. If you set up separate services on AWS, you pay for everything on an ongoing basis and do not know exactly what the monthly cost will be. That way I do not want with my blogs. Lightsail is a stable service and it was unfortunately my own carelessness that crashed my original blog. Always make a backup.

Blog to podcast

I am constantly looking for new things to do with the blog and have, for example, recently found a way to publish weather data with my Netatmo weather station. And now I have found a way to publish my posts as a podcast and get them out on podcast services such as Spotify.

It was all much easier than I thought. The catch is that there is no support for Swedish, so I convert the blog post to English first and republish it on From there you can automatically create an audio file which you then import into which is a podcast service from Spotify. In Anchor, you can then streamline your podcast and add even more sound or sound effects from their library.

Get started

To get started with WordPress and Anchor visit this link: and follow the instructions.

You will find more detailed instructions on how to get started in this blog post from WordPress.

I have made some podcasts of some posts and they are available to listen to under my profile on Spotify. Which one do you start subscribing to? It sounds surprisingly good and professional. I doubt I could read them much better myself than the robot voice does in the podcast.

Publishing podcasts actually increases the exposure of the blog and can appeal to those who are not so amused by reading long blog posts but rather listen to them. Do you do podcasts yourself? Do you have any tips for us who have just started with podcasts? Please let us know.

By Håkan Dahlström

Hi! I am Håkan. I am the author of this website. I work with IT and photography is my hobby. I also like to travel and cooking. Living in Malmö, Sweden.

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