Skovtårnet – Camp Adventure Forest tower

Say what you want about Danes but when it comes to architecture they are just the best. In the middle of a forest in southern Zealand is the fabulous “Forest Tower”. An approximately 50 meter high tower with fantastic views from the top. As an hourglass-shaped tower, Skovtårnet is about an hour’s drive south of…… Continue reading Skovtårnet – Camp Adventure Forest tower

Elsa Andersons Konditori in Norberg Elsa Andersons Konditori in Norberg is a slightly different café. Visiting this café is like traveling back in time. With an interior that contains older furniture and other curiosities from times gone by, you get a nice visit to what it could have been like at a local café and patisserie in the past.…… Continue reading Elsa Andersons Konditori in Norberg